Diaper bag essentials

Hi friends! How’s it going?

Lily and I spent basically all day enjoying the sunshine and taking in this sweet start of summertime!

Today’s blog is going to be about my “diaper bag essentials” and what I’ve found the most useful over these past few months of motherhood.

I’m not going to lie – I’ve been through a couple different bags already. I’m super picky, and it’s taken me a while to find the one I love! But yay! I did.

The common theme I’ve had with all my diaper bags is this: they must have a backpack option! It can be SUCH a hassle trying to juggle a car seat, purse, coffee etc. Maybe it’s just the collage gal in me – but backpacks are seriously SO much easier. I had seen the brand “fawn design” on Instagram a few times but never really wanted to put in the money….2 bags later I gave up and ordered one of their mini’s in blush. I seriously fell in love with the quality, design, everything!

I find myself to be a packer – so I ended up ordering the original in black for more room. I seriously have zero complaints about this bag. I use both pretty much everyday. They’re the perfect mama and and baby day out pack size.

It’s a vegan leather and wipes down SO easily – and that’s necessary for me because I’m the messiest person ever. It has sooo many pockets and the design is gorgeous. I can use it as a bag, use it as a diaper bag, I use it literally everyday!

** also, they just released their new spring and summer colours and they are seriously BEAUTIFUL

The first thing I’ll talk about are the obvious items:

Diapers – I usually keep x2 or 3 and we are a huge fan of: rascal and friends, and honest co.

Wipes – I keep a pack of these bad boys everywhere. I probably use them half as much as lily! We get ours from Costco because it’s SUCH a good deal. We get the big box Huggies.

Snack – now that lily has turned into a little piggy, bottles just won’t cut it! I like to bring a sealed bowl of flavoured Gerber puffs. These are her absolute favourite and I have yet to find a flavour she doesn’t like! Off the top of my head, they have banana, strawberry, blueberry vanilla, sweet potato!

She also loves the “mum mum” crackers – but they crumble sooo easily so I tend to give them to her at home. But the odd time I’ll throw one in!

An instant bottle and a pre made bottle – lily eats a lot, so I’m never really worried about her milk going bad before she finishes. When we leave, I’ll make her a bottle of pre made enfamil or nestle good start. Sometimes if it’s really warm out, I’ll put in ice cube in with her bottle so it keeps cool and keeps her hydrated.

Lily’s not picky with formula or bottles even though she was exclusively breastfed the first few months. I got super lucky, because I know some babies who won’t take to much! But I can tell she does have a couple favourites

Bottles – I like to use the evenflo balance bottles, or the tommeetippee.

A change of clothes. I try and make sure I bring lil a onesie or a spare pair of pants and a shirt!

Now that it’s sunny, I want to keep my lil babes head all protected from the sun!

I always have a missmilaco baby turban in bag! They’re one of the only head pieces lily will let me keep on her head and they’re tooooooo cute. They also just released a swim version so she can splash around and stay sun safe!

Live clean baby sunscreen – Lila’s sensitive skin takes super well to the live clean baby sunscreen.

Okay now to the fun stuff hehe

My daughter is officially a little baby shark and has four teeth coming out. To say she’s been spirited the past few weeks would be a big understatement 😶

Sophie the giraffe and this teething octopus are two of our favourite teethers! They’re super soft and squeaky so they keep her entertained and she loves to naw on them

Jellycat babies.

Again, if you’ve been following along with me at all, you already know lilys (my) obsession with these guys. It started when I was pregnant and Lily’s aunty picked her up a pink jellycat bunny. From there on, the obsession started and I now have a solid collection of jellycats going. When I was a little girl, books and stuffed animals were my two favourite things. I played and read for hours, and it was one of my favourite childhood memories. I still have so many of my fav little guys, that I now have passed down to my baby, and that to me is so special. They are a bit more on the pricey side for a stuffed toy – but the quality is amazing, and I love that I can just throw them in the washing machine and they come out good as new!

A couple of Lily’s favs are: her giant bunny, tiny. Her dinosaur named dena, and her pink bunny named mr.pink. OH and bon bon, the lamb.

Another one of our diaper bad essentials is a pacifier. Lily recently started taking to these so well – she always has, but now she will literally keep one in her mouth for an hour on end. I know different moms have their opinion on these – but personally lily loves her paci and I love seeing her content! We picked up the tommeetippee orthopaedics ones (they’re suppppppposed to be better for her teeth psssttt) and she loves them. She also has the evenflo balance paci, and loves that too!

Our @sparkleanddewdesigns Turkish towel! Now that it’s so sunny out, I love bringing this beauty to the park, beach, basically anywhere with us! It’s huge so it fits our whole fam but rolls up nice and tight so it doesn’t take up too much room in the bag.

Booger wipes. They make special booger wipes now for babies – how sweet is that? I have super bad allergies so I use them too! They don’t leave my nose feeling dry and irritated after.

Pocket pack of Kleenex. Always handy. Alwaysss.

Dr.Browns organic lavender hand sanitizer . I’m a huge germ freak, but my hands get sooo dried out using regular sanitizer. The Dr.browns organic lavender leaves my hands soft and with a light tint of lavender.

In a side pocket of my bag, I keep a smaller little carrier case with some essentials in it: a tampon, gravel, Tylenol, lip chap, and a spare set of headphones, change and gum .

Scrunchies. Always. My hair is seriously ALWAYS in a messy bun and scrunchies are perfect for keeping them up without hurting my head!

Two of my absolutely fav places to get scrunchies are @S.products.designs and @beanandbearco

Leo is the cutest ahh

I also keep my keys and wallet thrown in there obviously 🤪

Keeping it real though, my diaper bag is usually such a mess – stuff thrown in, a black pit for me to search for things I need. But I really couldn’t complain, I feel so blessed and grateful.

What do you mamas keep in your bag? Anything the same? Anything I’m missin?

Let me know!



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