Accepting Imperfection and “The Pause” for Sanity 

Hi friends, happy day.

Life has been seeming unbelievably busy lately, just me? After having Lily, I feel like time has gone by SO much faster. I know that may sound cliché, because thats one of the first things that many people around you mention when discussing childhood in general – how fast time goes. Lilys five and a half months old and honestly, it feels like I brought her home from the hospital last week (personally I feel like thats one of the biggest benefits to having had her so young – I get so much more time, and that alone is worth everything to me).

I sat down after this busy busy weekend and I opened my laptop to write about something else, but in all honesty after taking a minute and reflecting, I felt the need to write about something else entirely, so here it goes:

Accepting Imperfection and “The Pause” for Sanity ~~~

OK so,

I feel like keeping “busy” is a very thin line for me.. I find that I am either bored – feeling unfulfilled, isolated, and slumped OR I am going at mock one trying to accomplish everything and anything at 100 miles per hour.Finding a balance between the two has always been an issue for me. I have always found it so hard to find the amount of “accomplishment” and productivity I need to complete in order to feel satisfied and content at the end of the day.

Some days I let the dishes pill and have no intention of changing out of my pyjamas. Some days I order take out and seriously accomplish what feels to me like nothing.

then, randomly,

I will get these spurts of motivation where I feel like I’m powerful enough to take on the world. I will get this burst of energy and take on a million and one projects with no hesitation and no doubt in my mind that I can conquer and complete them.

Ill wake up and decide: “I want to paint my room, rearrange the house and cook a massive diner tonight” and then ill be on my mission… BAM thats that.

Does anyone else struggle with taking on too much at once? not that we aren’t capable, but usually after finishing the massive to do list I set up for myself, I am burnt out and exhausted.  Lately, I’ve found myself reflecting back thinking, “could I have set a more reasonable and realistic time frame for myself?”

Things I have started to consider a bit more before burning myself out with unrealistically high expectations:

  • Producing quality work takes quality time – if you don’t have the time for a project or task you’re probably not going to be able to have the time to create your best work.
  • Inspiration and meaning is always much more important than doing something just for the sake of doing it – if you have reasoning and meaning behind something, it is a lot easier to do well with whatever it is you’re doing.
  •  Taking real life into account  – as much as I WANT to accomplish a million things on the daily, it isn’t realistic. Especially with a baby, you never really know what the day ahead holds until its happening! You’re not going to wake up feeling sick and still get done all that need be on your to do list, especially  at your best, when you’re feeling like crap say
  • Accomplishing your best work can only really happen when you’re your best self – Okay this is one I find myself constantly needing to work on; self care. I want to be my best so I can accomplish my best and sometimes that means stepping back to take my own me time.
  • …. That being said; Done is sometimes better than perfect – if you’re a perfectionist like me, you don’t wanna be done until a task or project is finished to perfection, but as I get older, I realize perfection is a really vague term, and sometimes I need to just be proud and content with whats in front of me.
  • Family comes first always –  your dishes are still going to be there tomorrow morning, same with the unfolded and half done loads of laundry sitting on your “chair”, but we are never guaranteed precious moments with our loved ones – If that be our parents, sisters, children, or friends – we need to make sure that at the end of the day, the people we love know how much we love them.

How to Get it Done without Overflowing Yourself 

I feel like writing down what I would like to get done for the day makes it a lot easier for me to see and prioritize whats important – I will:

  • Eat breakfast – I write this down because somedays I honestly forget and only drink coffee, a habit I seriously need to break!
  • Complete the small tasks fist (the ones that take 10 minutes or less)
    • any phone calls I need to make
    • emails
    • figuring out any appointments etc
    • making the bed and picking clothes up off the floor.
  • Then ill pick the MOST important thing I need to get done for the day and work towards completing that task
  • After I’ve completed an “important task”for the day, and finished all these smaller to do’s (plus gotten my coffee in me haha) I instantly feel more accomplished.
  • After this, I make sure I spend quality time with my babe and usually we go for a long walk!
  • At some point throughout the day I make sure to have a bath or shower, because feeling clean always makes me feel 10x better and more accomplished in the self care department.
  • Towards the end of the day ill re-evalute my list and see what I think I can realistically get done during the rest of the day and what needs to be rearranged for the next day or later on in the week.
  • I also make sure to cross off everything I accomplished for the day, and make sure to give myself some good graces for what I got done.


Anyway friends,

These are some reflections I’ve made about getting things done and coming to terms with feeling accomplished at the end of the day. It can be easy to feel guilty for taking time to do things like have a bath or read a book when you haven’t finished all the “to dos” you wanted to accomplish  – but in reality,  taking care of yourself and prioritizing self care is just as important as all of those other tasks.

Just because not EVERYTHING got done, doesn’t mean nothing got done.


thanks for taking the time to listen to my thoughts




One thought on “Accepting Imperfection and “The Pause” for Sanity 

  1. Making memories with loved ones is more important than doing daily chores,a house that is tidy but has the lived in look is a house filled with love & memories….


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