Lilys five month update

Hi friends, Happy Sunday!!

We experienced our first big snowfall this past week and let me tell you, life with lily in general is so so fun, so getting to experience all of her firsts puts the beat in my heart. She’s such a character.. some of her facial expressions baffle me, like are you five months old or fifteen with that attitude?

as I’ve mentioned before, I think this platform is an amazing way for me not only to connect with other like minded individuals but record milestones for Lily and I to look back on as well!

So, since this is the last Sunday before Lily turns 5 months (3 days away) I figured I would do a little five month update!

Lily at five months old…

Lil has really found her personality this past month. She’s beginning to understand what she likes and doesn’t like. She is absolutely hilarious.  She is the sass queen, and we call her our little Dino Poot because she’s constantly screaming at us … and not in the “I’m sad, angry, upset hold me” way, but in the “AHHHH I HAVE LUNGS AND WANT TO TELL A STORY ! ! !” way.

In this past month she has begun to not only share her infectious smile more often, but frequently gives us the giggles! and let me tell you,  Lily laughing is a sound so perfect I couldn’t have made it up if I tried.

Lily first rolled over at about 3.5 months on her tummy time mat, but since then has shown minimal interest in rolling anywhere.. she just … doesn’t want to.

Now when Lilys in her play saucer or jolly jumper, she’s MOVIN.  She doesn’t really jump as much as she tries to walk!!! she seriously tries to move in a walking motion and its the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. She can support all of her own body weight for decent periods of time, and can stay in her play saucer for 20+ minutes without getting frustrated.

When we put lily down for tummy time, she’s started doing the motion of crawling –  we can tell she wants to but she’s a big girl! (17 lbs)

When we sit her up, she can stay sitting on her own for small periods of time before falling over, and she is starting to discover her feet and legs – and loves loves loves to kick it out (especially when she’s laying in her crib)

She’s expanded her vocabulary a bit this month!! she says:

“Hi” – very frequently (multiple times a day)

“mum” – pretty often! (id say at least once or twice a day)

“mommy” – she’s said it a couple times!

“Hi mom” – she said this the other day in the kitchen and I nearly died!!

She loves watching cartoons – she likes Dora, PawPatrol, and she loves loves loves hockey.

She’s a fan of toys that light up, move and make noise.

She’s a hand sucker (not thumb, whole hand)

She loves having her photo taken and can never take her eyes off the camera, she knows when I’m trying to take her picture I swear.

She has begun sleeping a bit better throughout the night – only waking up a couple times opposed to every 2-3 hours. She only has 1 or 2 naps a day.

She loves going outside and taking long walks in her stroller and her baby carrier – rain or shine.

She’s a total flirt! she always smiles when she sees a guy… (great, let me just go buy a bat)


We all feel so so so blessed to have this baby girl in our lives, and although this has been the fastest five months of my life, they’re the most precious times and I couldn’t imagine my life without this babe.

Anyway, if you have any other questions about little Lily, feel free to let me know!







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