Loving Lately: Some of our favourite small shops!

Hi friends!

So I thought I would start doing a short series of blog posts called Loving Lately” – basically, where I connect you guys with amazing brands, products, or just items in general that we have found ourselves loving lately!

When it comes to certain products, I find myself being super particular what pieces I invest my money into. Ive spent money on items from larger known corporations that are seemingly popular and found myself extremely disappointed. Ive also bought items from local and smaller shops that I cant recommend more and have zero regrets spending my money on.

We have been fortunate enough to work with a few amazing small shops that I’ve come to love, and I want to share them with you!

SO, that being said! Here are a few shops & items we’ve been loving lately, and I hope you love them just as much as we do!! (ps. theres no specific order to this list)

but here are some of Our Favourite Small Shops: 

1. S.products.designs.style –  Okay, if you’re like me and your hair is super sensitive to pony keepers, you need to try these scrunchies out. Seriously, I haven’t been able to take mine off since they came in, and they’re SO easy to match with outfits because they have so many cute prints!! I have a few different pieces from the shop, and they’re the perfect accessory  for a lazy mama like me to have on hand – they’re easy, cute, and keep my ticklish hair up and out of my face! I call that a win.

2. AuntieTals.– so our first purchase from their adorable little shop was their bamboo collection “grow with me hoodie”  ( we ordered the 9m-3t oatmeal, just for reference) and we were hooked from there on out!  upon receiving the order, I immediately reached out to the shop owner and asked how we could work together again moving forward! She’s currently in the works of creating an adult line and I couldn’t be happier!! like hello, never mind matching with our littles, but having this brand come up with adult clothing in general is beyond exciting – you can tell how much attention and detail goes behind these pieces and their insanely cozy.

3. WexfordCandleCo. – I have had the lovely pleasure of building such a good relationship with this wonderful business owner!! if you love candles and things that smell amazing (wax melts, included – yum)  then checking out this candle company is a must. Her prices are so reasonable and you get the CUTEST jars for your little candles. The coolest part about her company is the different occasion candles you can order! you can get gender reveal candles, relator home candles, everyday candles, and even “will you be my bridesmaid ?” candles .. how sweet is that?

4. Emmys_Earrings –  if your ears are pierced, I HIGHLY recommend that you check out this super cute earring shop out, and if you don’t – I STILL recommend you check out her store, because she has CLIP on’s too!! This beautiful Canadian mama started up her small business back in June, and she’s worked SO hard to create such beautiful pieces for all of us. Shortly after having spoke with her – she had created, beautifully packaged, and sent off my parcel. It arrived and I was blown away the quality and detail of her earrings! They’re the most unique patterns and designs that I have ever owned in terms of jewelry! The idea behind her collection is that they’re made specifically with plastic pots for sensitive ears, which is perfect for me because I always seem to get a rash with my other earrings! These cute little pieces don’t irritate me at all!!  Her website is launching soon,  so make sure to keep an eye out for that!

5. Sewinlove_Designs. –  If you’re looking for a personalized special gift, look no longer – this mama’s custom embroideries are seriously spectacular! With the ability to choose from a variety of items and designs, you’re then able to then customized a stuffed buddy, a chubby blanket, and even onesies! We got a Dino stuffy made with Lil’s birthday information,  her full name and even time of birth! SO SO SO SPECIAL.  The quality is amazing and whats super cool is that you can actually remove the stuffing from the animals for easier cleaning! how handy will that be when lily started being an even messier monster.

6. Missmilaco – ever since lily was only a few days old, she has absolutely hated having to wear hats (or anything on her head for that matter). Until we discovered the beauty of baby turbans. Within the same day of receiving our order from Missmilaco, I had reached out to this beautiful mama and asked about placing our next order – she uses the softest fabric that actually manages to stay on my little wiggle worms head, never mind enhances the cuteness x 1000.

7. Poppybabyco –  If your babe is anything like Lily: four months will roll around and your “happy go lucky” baby may at times turn into an angry on the bite dinosaur. We tried to many teething toys to try and help poor lil and nothing helped. We stumbled upon Poppybabyco, and they were nice enough to create a handmade wooden teething toy for baby Poot! (for those of you who are new here, I call Lily Poot). We told them out obsession with elephants, and they were actually able to make her a handcrafted elephant teether using all naturally safe environmentally friendly materials! I love the simplicity of their designs! As Lily gets older, we will definitely be purchasing some of their handcrafted toys as well!


Anyway lovelies, these are a few of our favourite shops that we’ve been loving lately!! make sure to check them out and let me know if you end up falling in love with any of these smalls shops like we have!











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